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Futures and Options Trading (nerdom dot net) was created to simply educate and inform people about the exciting but complicated but intriguing but potentially frustrating but potentially profitable world of commodity futures and options trading. I don’t claim to be an investment advisor or an expert in the markets (nor am I claiming to give investment advice), but the main reason why I decided to put this site together was to educate, enlighten, and share some of my thoughts and experiences in trading commodity futures and options over the years.

It has been a long journey, and many times frustrating, but one thing I’ve learned about trading in general is that your mistakes will be some of your greatest teachers. I’m speaking from experience with the things I write here, and from the time I’ve invested and the lessons that I have learned, I hope that some of you can take this information and be able to avoid the “newbie” mistakes that can easily take place when learning how to trade commodity futures and options.